Madhi Foundation was established as a non-profit organisation working in the education sector, committed to the cause of bridging the equity gap in education for children across India. The Foundation draws its inspiration from the Tamil proverb, "ɽia k½ah± bt±yyh«" (“vidhiyai madhiyaal vellalaam”), which translates to, “destiny can be conquered with knowledge (madhi)”.  We truly believe that equitable and purposeful education can be a great leveler for children, mitigating the adverse impact of most of their social, cultural or economic disadvantages on their future, helping them realise their potential for excellence. Madhi believes that an excellent education ought to equip children with the ability to think deeply and rationally, to ask questions and remain curious about the world around them, and emerge as creators and innovators of ideas, solutions and life paths of their choice.

Madhi aims to design and implement programmes in the education sector catering to the marginalized and most underserved communities across India. Its programmes have specific mandates and target different areas of intervention within the education sector.

Madhi Foundation
Transformational Academic Programme

The Transformational Academic Programme (TAP) is designed to transform the teaching-learning environment in a classroom while taking into consideration all the constraints peculiar to under-resourced schools. The challenges faced by teachers in these schools are unique and complex and they often lack the support mechanisms required to overcome these challenges.TAP was piloted across 3 schools in 2015-16 and yielded extremely encouraging results both in terms of teacher motivation and student learning outcomes. TAP intervention classrooms on an average saw a 6x improvement in reading fluency, 7x improvement in writing and 4x improvement in reading comprehension.

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Clean thoughts, clean habits, clean schools and clean home go a long way in shaping children's value systems and their future.
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Yashoda Bai Headmistress
N.K. Ranganath
CEO Grundfos India Private Limited; Chairman, CII CSR sub-committee (Southern Region)
Raj Cherubal
Director, Chennai City Connect
Venkatesh Malur
President, Sampark Foundation
Srini Swaminathan
Education Technology Consultant; Former City Director, Teach For India
Kavita Rajagopalan
Investment Manager (Education), Villgro Innovations Foundation
Karthik Vishwanath
Director, Nalli Silks
Saranya Sakthikumar
Director, Panimalar Group of Institutions
‘What is the best
system of education?’
There are few topics
more polarizing than
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